Dogue de Bordeaux

This breed is known as well as French Mastiff, Bordeaux Doggen or Bordeauxská Doga.

It is old French breed in typical molossoid type. Dogue de Bordeaux is powerful dog with very muscular body. The breed has coat colour varies from light copper,red,to dark mahagony with some white marks only at chest and toes,soft on touch. There is 2 type of mask red and black. Females weight is from 45kg males from 50kg.

It is big dog,very gentle with big heart, but they are very good guardian too. This breed love people and their family. I heard alot of people saying that Dogue de bordeaux puppies are the most cutest puppies.Very sad is that this beautiful breed lives only 7-10 years but we should enjoy every minute spent with them.

Marianna Cuchranova